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August 2016
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BBC Earth Announces 3D Film ‘Cuba’

BBC Earth Announces 3D Film ‘Cuba’
Bryn Gelbart
Mar 10, 2016 5:34 pm

A new large format 3D film with the working title “Cuba” has today been
announced by BBC Earth. The film is being directed by well-known
award-winning cinematographer Peter Chang. It plans to be an adventure
of epic proportions, about not just the nation of Cuba, but its people
as well.

The official synopsis reads: “‘Cuba’ takes audiences on an electrifying
3D journey through a land of spectacular beauty among a people renowned
for their passion. It tells the powerful story of a land preserved in
time yet poised today on the cusp of dramatic change. The island
nation’s vibrant culture, meticulously maintained colonial architecture
and pristine ecosystems all provide a vivid window into the past. Cuba
will transport audiences across breathtaking island landscapes, under
the ocean surface to dazzling reefs and into streets throbbing with
music and dance in the heart of Havana. Through the eyes of Cuban
artists, historians and scientists, audiences will have a rare
opportunity to explore this amazing country at a unique moment in its
history. Filmed for the first time in large format 3D for IMAX® and
other giant screen and immersive cinemas, the film will reveal why Cuba
continues to stir the imagination of the world.”

Of the new project, Chang said, “We’ve been granted an unprecedented
level of access to Cuba,
and we are thrilled by the prospect of taking giant screen audiences to
a Cuba
they have never seen – its culture, art, music, sports and ecology are
with compelling stories and mesmerizing beauty. ‘Cuba’ will
be a portrait of this vibrant island at a pivotal point in its history
and will
bring to life the character and spirit of the land and people as only
the giant
screen can.”

The film is expected to be released sometime in 2017.

Source: BBC Earth Announces 3D Film ‘Cuba’ | IndieWire –

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