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June 2016
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Harsh Reality

Harsh Reality / Fernando Dámaso

Fernando Damaso, 17 May 2016 — In the few available spaces for people to
express their opinions in the official Cuban media (letters to the
editor of “Granma,” “Rebellious Youth,” a page of “Workers”, “Ordinary
People Talking” on Havana Channel, “Cuba Says” on Cubavision, and
others), they complain about and attack useless, bureaucratic,
irresponsible and lazy officials, who don’t do what they’re supposed to
do and let problems mount up and increase. The editors of these spaces
are no better. The criticisms are not forwarded, but remain stuck at
square one. They are rarely sent on to the relevant government
ministries or organisations. It seems that these deplorable events only
occur because of officials’ mistakes, since, higher up, everything is
perfect and there is no responsibility for any of it.

Nevertheless, it cannot be that so many officials of different
organisations and departments (The Electric Company, Postal Service,
ETECSA (the phone company)), Public Health, Education, Housing,
Planning, Water and Drainage, Communes, Transport, Employment and Social
Security, Justice, the National Bank, National Assembly of Peoples’
Power, etc.) could be so unprofessional and inept.

We have to ask whether these “qualities” are not also to be found in
these organisations and institutions and, logically, in the “system.” In
reality, it seems that it is the latter which doesn’t work, for the
simple reason that it achieves nothing. More than fifty five years with
the same worsening problems, many new ones too, and nothing solved,
clearly demonstrates that.

They can continue appealing to patriotism, discipline, efficiency and
whatever else they want, but as long as they fail to satisfy the
ever-increasing needs of the people and allow them to freely develop
their initiatives and talents, it’s a waste of time.

Unfortunately, and not just in Cuba, socialism has shown itself to be a
“political, economic and social system” which has totally failed.

Translated by GH

Source: Harsh Reality / Fernando Dámaso – Translating Cuba –

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