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March 2010
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Cuban-style colonisers

Cuban-style colonisers
Monday, 08 March 2010 12:11

Zimbabwe is now colonised by four Cs – Corruption, Communism and
Cuban-style Colonisers.
An election cannot come soon enough, Zimbabwean voters must turn out in
force and, even with all political hurdles forced on them by Zanu (PF),
before and during the elections, they must vote them out and to extinction.
We visited Cuba two years ago. It is made up of 40, 149 Islands. Castro
started his revolution over fifty years ago and introduced Communism.
The State owns every thing. There is no real incentive. All the
magnificent colonial buildings are crumbling and falling down. The
docks and wharfs are collapsing into the sea. The main highways are good
but, get off them and other route roads are pot-holed, very windy and
need real maintenance.
Castro did promise free health, education and transport for his people.
He certainly provides that and first class. The school children are
proud of their uniforms and seem well disciplined and keen to learn.
Those who do not want to go to university are conscripted into the
forces. Higher education is all free. There are a million or so
policemen there and you see them every where. Crime is nothing like
that in Zimbabwe.
When the Spanish Farmers were forced to give up their land it was
allocated to peasants. Some of the prime estates are a tourist
attraction, but lack the expertise for real production. The crops, like
sugarcane, were generally lacking fertiliser, badly managed and very low
yielding. Bean crops had maize plants spaced wide apart as a secondary
crop. Rice paddies were cultivated by oxen with very primitive implements.
Most farmers have a horse and cart for transport and we saw many a
sleigh made from the fork of a tree pulled by oxen plodding down the
main high ways. Tractors seem to be used for haulage and carting the
poorly paid labour from village to farms and cigar making factories. We
were taken into the factories, but no cameras or hand bags are allowed.
They seem embarrassed about the slave labour. Police and security
guards are watching your every move. The labour, mainly women of all
ages, are paid 400 pesos (about US$ 15) a month, plus ten cigars to use
or sell.
Every citizen draws a basic ration every week, supplied by the
Government, and there is little unemployment, but no incentive for
increased productivity or mechanisation. The Telephone company is
Italian but 51 per cent owned by the Cuban Government. Any one wishing
to form, start or finance a company is welcome but 51 per cent has to be
Government-owned. There are no takers. I wonder why!
Mugabe certainly encouraged a massive education policy and free health,
but his greedy corrupt cronies soon killed that off. Many of the
commercial farmers had schools for their work-force and for those from
nearby TTLs. Paid for by the farmer. Mugabe`s greedy land grab killed
that too. The labour was housed, fed rations, had health care and
access to a farm trading store. They were even encouraged to play
football. They were taught skills like brick making, tractor driving,
fertilising, tobacco handling, mechanics, and they were paid.
Today Mugabe`s lot treat labour as slaves. What is left of health,
education, transport, manufacturing, textile and cotton industry, steel
etc. is all ruined. The Buildings in our cities are first world – so
were Cuba's. Now Bob is killing any and every company that is not
black-managed and stealing the assets as well. Such a wicked way to get
rich and kill a whole country
Mugabe is determined to stay in power. His farm grab policy is mainly
political. The farmers are opposed to his wicked regime. No one will
invest in the country with him in power. Zimbabwe has more potential
than any other country in Africa. Sanctions against Ian Smith's time did
wonders – if we couldn't buy it, we made it Look how industry,
agriculture and mining shot ahead. Research stations were the envy of
the world.
Zimbabwe has the potential to rise again into a world-leading nation –
Vote Mugabe out. – A FAITHFUL ZIMBABWEAN, by e-mail

Cuban-style colonisers | Letters – (9 March 2010)

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