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March 2010
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Cuba replaces head of civil aviation

Posted on Tuesday, 03.09.10
Cuba replaces head of civil aviation
The Associated Press

HAVANA — Cuba has replaced the official who oversees the country's
airlines and airports, a general who fought alongside Fidel Castro and
Ernesto "Che" Guevara as a teenager, according to a terse statement in
official media.

Rogelio Acevedo was replaced by Gen. Ramon Martinez Echevarria, the
current No. 2 in the Air Force air defense unit, according to an
announcement published Tuesday in the Communist Party newspaper Granma.

No reason was given for the change at the Civil Aeronatics Institute,
which has played an important role in the expansion of Cuba's tourism
industry. The announcement said Acevedo, 68, would be given "other
tasks," but it did not describe them or refer to Acevedo's background as
a revolutionary.

Acevedo joined the fight against dictator Fulgencio Batista when he was
16, fighting in the Sierra Maestra mountains in a unit led by Guevara.
His younger brother Enrique joined him, and wrote about the experience
in a book titled "The Shirtless Ones."

After the revolution triumphed in 1959, Acevedo was named first head of
a new national militia at age 18, and he later fought with Cuban forces
in Angola.

He is a longtime member of the Communist Party's Central Committee and
has run the Civil Aviation Institute since 1989.

Martinez studied in the former Soviet Union as a helicopter pilot, and
is also a veteran of Angola. The Civil Aviation authority controls all
air transport in Cuba.

Cuba replaces head of civil aviation – Americas AP – (9
March 2010)

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