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July 2006
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Why import Cubans with the light bulbs?

Why import Cubans with the light bulbs?
Friday, July 14, 2006

Dear Editor,

I am very wary about the sudden announcement in the Senate that the
government will be distributing over 250,000 energy-saving bulbs to
“poor people”. While I commend any effort to reduce energy costs, this
latest initiative raises a number of red flags.

First, I believe that such an initiative should have been preceded by a
massive public education campaign to ensure its maximum effectiveness. I
don’t understand why such a project has been kept quiet.

Second, why do we need to import 25,000 Cubans to distribute light bulbs?

Mr Kern Spencer in his presentation to the Senate on the matter pointed
to their “experience in implementing this programme” as the reason for
them coming here. Surely, this government has lost its mind! Why on
earth would we need to import 25,000 Cubans, find airfare, ground
transport, lodging, and food to distribute light bulbs? Unless they are
here to do more than just that!

I happened to be in St Elizabeth over the weekend and saw a sample of a
flyer with a picture of Kern Spencer and bearing a message about the
light bulbs. Now coincidentally Kern Spencer is vying for a seat in that

As a budding young politician, Mr Spencer would be well advised to rise
above that and desist from using light bulbs to gain political mileage.

Third, I do hope that these bulbs are subject to the scrutiny of the
Bureau of Standards and that JPS has inspected them to ensure their
worthiness before spending more of taxpayers’ money.

I would also like to remind the government that many poor rural families
do not have access to electricity, so take that into consideration
before you distribute bulbs to them.

I am also calling on prime minister Portia Simpson Miller to take the
necessary precaution to ensure that the distribution of light bulbs is
not done in a partisan manner, especially in light of pending elections.

Carole Grant
Spanish Town
St Catherine

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